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Challenging the myth of the painter

outLINE is pleased to present:
a group exhibition of 20 painters connected with PRESENTeert, the pamphlet on painting

Challenging the myth of the painter’

opening sunday 24 october from 16.00 to 18.00 hrs
exhibition runs until 5 december 2010

special event wednesday 24 november 20.00 hrs
call for painters writings!

further press I image inquiries, please e-mail to:
christine van den bergh + 31 [0] 6.513 99954

stichting outLINE
oetewalerstraat 73
1093 MD amsterdam
+31 [0]20 6931389

open thursday – saturday
13.00 – 17.00 hrs
and by appointment

participating artists: niels broszat, aquil copier, sander van deurzen, iris frerichs, gijs frieling, menso groeneveld, iva gueorguieva, paul haworth, michiel hogenboom, [v&b] alex jacobs and ellemieke schoenmaker, stefan kasper, aukje koks, peter luining, maaike van der linden [representative verfhond], mischa rakier, simon schrikker, jeroen vrijsen, reinoud van vught, marjolijn de wit and michiel van der zanden

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