Where to find the next issue of PRESENTeert?

The coming issue will be avalable in: AMSTERDAM: Galerie Aschenbach & Hofland, Galerie Vous etes Ici, Ayacs gallery, Galerie Slewe, Wetering Galerie, Hoopman Schildersmaterialen, W139 en De Service Garage. HAARLEM: De Vishal, Nieuwe Vide, Galerie 37 Spaarnephoto. GRONINGEN: Galerie Tsjalling Venema. ARNHEM: G.A.N.G. CBK arnhem, de GBK, Artez, van Ginkel. AMERSFOORT: Vrije KunstAcademie. ZEELAND: Bianca Runge. DEN HAAG: Galerie West, Pulchri Studio. ROTTERDAM: De Zwarte Ruijter, Duende, Stichting B.A.D., Witte de Wit, more soon!!

And for the current issue (#03) meet me in the paintingscene so i can hand you over a copy or mail to: presenteert@gmail.com for the nearest location…


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